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PhantomNet Main Wiki Page

This page serves as a launchpad for information stored on the PhantomNet wiki.

Welcome to the PhantomNet Wiki!

This page contains top-level information and links related to using the PhantomNet Testbed.

EPC Components

Phantomnet provides binary access to the OpenEPC 3GPP prototype implementation.  Any experimenter who wishes to use this facility must sign and return the PhantomNet OpenEPC sub-license agreement.
* Sub-license agreement required prior to access.


Real Mobility Hardware

Off-the-shelf UE (Nexus 5) and eNodeB (ip.access e40) and SDR hardware now available for experimentation!


Deprecated Tutorials/Examples for use with the "classic" PhantomNet interface

These remain only as a transitory reference for those who started with the NS-based experiment definitions.  Please use the Profile-driven tutorials if at all possible.


Getting Help

Have questions?  Need some assistance?  Join the phantomnet-users Google Group.