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Emulab Contributed Code Repository

Emulab Contributed Code Repository

We have created a git repository for holding "contributed software,". This repository is for software that other contributors have written that is not part of the "core" Emulab, but may be useful for some sites running the Emulab software. The goal is to enable members of the Emulab community to more easily share their enhancements to the Emulab software with each other. These contributors are allowed to directly push to this repository, and Utah makes no claims about the state of this contributed software or its integration into the main Emulab codebase. Software in this repository is owned by the contributor, and may or may not be released under license terms matching the main Emulab code.

This repository is available through our anonymous, public git server. To get a copy of the repository:

git clone git://

If you want to have write access to contribute your own code, access is also available through ssh, in the same way as for the main Emulab git repository - just ask for write access. The URL for the repository over ssh is You should place your contributed code in a directory named after your institution, project, facility, etc., so that the origin of the code is clear.

All contributed code relating to the ProtoGENI project should go into the protogeni/ subdirectory.

Note that we do not currently enforce any fine-grained permissions on this repository; eg. we don't prevent contributors from committing changes to each others' code. Please be a good citizen, and don't do this without talking to the owner of the code first.

We are still happy to take patches to include in the main Emulab repository! Contributions that involve changes (rather than additions) to Emulab code are probably better handled this way. However, code handled in this way will need to meet higher standards, will need to be released under the same license terms as the rest of Emulab, and ideally should have its copyright assigned to the University of Utah. If your code can be called from a small "hook" inside the main Emulab code, consider submitting a small patch to create the hook, and placing the bulk of the code in the contrib repository.